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Software Overview

It can be a very difficult task for you to select a content management system. The purpose of your website goes a long way, as some website management system gives you the option to post a blog post, trade merchandise, upload a picture, sign up and many more. Allows you maintain your website. Wordpress is the system with such unique facility because it is an extensively used CMS, your website functionality is extended for free by the number of plug-in it gives. Joomla and Drupal are also part of other content management system.

We also recommend a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which will allow you to automate your business, manage employees, accounts, database, sales and more. Every start-up or an organization needs a CRM system. Our Group Office CRM and groupware tool will be very beneficial to your work. Your website will be incorporated by us thereby giving you access to run your business from the laptop.

If you are an offline business presently and you are in search for software that will make your business accessible online? Odoo software is the right software for that. With ERP and CRM Built in, it can carry out necessary tasks efficiently. It provides you with the unique services like boosting your sales, marketing, finance, productivity human resources, warehouse control, maintaining your website and more. It also works with hardware gear like card machines, ePos and many more.

  • CMS is the abbreviation of content management system, which is an application that lets you edit, publish, and modifying content including deleting, organizing, and maintaining a website from a central interface.

  • Customer Relationship Management popularly called CRM is a plan that is used for the managing of your company's entire communications scheme used to relate with your clients and potential customers. This enables you grow your business profit.

  • The ERP which is Enterprise resource planning is software that allows a company to use a formation of integrated applications to control the business and run several back end operations associated to human resources and services on auto pilot.


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  • Audi
  • Baxter & Co
  • The Right Removal Company
  • Tele Rentol
  • Elitescapes
  • NHS


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