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Service overview

What suggests that design and development should respond to the users manners and surroundings based on size, platform and orientation is called Responsive web design. The practice consists of the intelligent use of CSS media queries, a mix of flexible grids and layouts, screen images and the website should automatically switch to give room for resolution, image size and scripting abilities, as the user switches from their laptop to iPad.


Fits all screen sizes

The screen resolution of the computer screen which is used to view the web page switches back to its relative width.

Google friendly

Pages using Responsive Web Design which uses the same URL and the same HTML for the desktop and mobile versions, gets strong mobile friendly ranking from Google.

  • Responsive Web Design enables your web page appear nice on all kinds of devices (Phones, tablets and desktops).

  • Considering the fact that tablet and smartphone usage is increasing greatly, the necessity for mobile-friendly websites has come. If Search Engine Optimization is a factor, then here are three main reasons why responsive web design is the greatest choice for every mobile SEO strategy:

    • Recommended By Google
    • One Website
    • Many Devices
    • Easier to Manage
    • Cost Effective and
    • Excellent User Experience.


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